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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rotta the Huttlet Clone Wars Back Buddy Backpacks

The Clone Wars Rotta Back Buddy

I'm not a huge Clone Wars fan, but my son loves it. When I came across this nifty little item I HAD to post about it and let everyone know who hasn't seen it yet. This Rotta Back Buddy is a sweet plush backpack just like on the Clone Wars movie. It even features a removable plush Rotta!
Little "Stinky" has never been more adorable!

These run about $49.99 and make the perfect Star Wars gift for your little Clone Wars fan. I also wanted to post this because it would make the PERFECT addition to complete that Ahsoka Star Wars costume for this Halloween or other event!

Click the link below for more info or to order yours.

The Clone Wars Rotta Back Buddy

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