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Friday, October 22, 2010

Our New Star Wars Mighty Beanz Squidoo Lens

Star Wars Mighty Beanz Squidoo Lens

I recently purchased my son some of the newer Star Wars Mighty Beanz and we are both a little bitten by the Mighty Beanz bug!  Since he and I both had some questions about how much effort was required to collect a complete set we set out and searched the internet. I was pretty surprised to find there aren't too many sources of information about these products yet. Luckily we found one great source that answered most of our questions.

After seeing how little information is available on the we regarding Star Wars Mighty Beanz I decided to put together a Squidoo lens dedicated to them. Check it out here:

This lens will be updated whenever I come across useful information to pass along. In the meantime check out our progress to date, I think we are off to a pretty good start! I was pretty impressed with how challenging it is to put together a complete set of these Star Wars Mighty Beanz! They have quite a big inventory of Star Wars characters.

Star Wars Mighty Beanz Clone Wars Exclusive 4-Pack

There is a lot of information I wasn't aware of! First of all there are quite a few store exclusives that can only be found at certain stores and which contain Star Wars Mighty Beanz that are ONLY available with these products. Take for example, the Mighty Beans Millennium Falcon Collector's case available only at Toys R Us. This case includes two exclusive Star Wars Mighty Beanz (#87 Han Solo and #88 Chewbacca both with oxygen masks) which are only sold with this case. Check it out below:

Mighty Beanz Carry Case - Star Wars Millenium Falcon

If you haven't checked out the Star Wars Mighty Beanz collection yet I suggest you do. I'll admit I was a little turned off initially because they seemed a little too childish. The truth is they are actually pretty cool collectibles! Luckily I have my son to hide behind...errr I mean enjoy this collection with! Thanks for reading and drop by our new Star Wars Mighty Beanz Squidoo Lens for tons of useful information.

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