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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Limited Edition Star Wars Animated Slave Leia Maquette

Animated Slave Leia Maquette from Gentle Giant Studios

Animated Slave Leia Maquette

Princess Leia Organa, animation style! Leia still looks great with Salacious Crumb at her side. Featuring Leia wearing her famous metal bikini slave suit, this Star Wars collectible is sure to please any fan. It features a real metal chain,hoop earrings, and poses Leia sitting on a Jabba's Palace themed base.

This unique version of Leia has easily been the most requested character in the Gentle Giant "Animated Maquette" series. This Star wars collectible is cast in a high quality poly-stone. Each Princess Leia is about 8" tall and comes hand numbered and accompanied by a matching certificate of authenticity. This are priced at $89.99 and set to be a limited edition exclusive collectible. Pre-order yours now because these are sure to sell out quickly!

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Animated Slave Leia Maquette

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