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Monday, November 29, 2010

Star Wars Stuffed Animals at Build-A-Bear

The Build-A-Bear Workshop® has some awesome Star Wars stuffed animals. Whether you are looking for Darth Vader, C3PO, Captain Rex, a Jedi Knight, Anakin Skywalker, Princess Leia, or just the Build a Bear exclusive Star Wars bear this site has something for you!

What I really love about these Star Wars plush stuffed animals at is the fact that you can really customize them. Choose your own animal, add Star Wars sounds, and more! Just looking for a Star Wars outfit for your fuzzy stuffed friend you already own? No problem! You can buy light sabers only, all of the Star Wars outfits, and much more.

All images above (c)2010 and are used with permission.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Darth Vader Toaster: We Eat Pieces of Sith Like you for Breakfast

What do you get the culinary minded Star Wars fan or Sith lord? A toaster that brands bread with an image of Darth Vader of course! It is all about presentation...even the Sith know that! Plop some basic boring bread in the top and drop the toaster level. Wait a few minutes and this toaster turns your bread to the dark side, complete with an image of Lord Vader burned cleanly into it.

The Empire's toaster currently retails for about $55.00 and makes a great Star Wars Gift!

Check out more info directly from the site below:

Darth Vader Toaster
Darth Vader Toaster
If there's something every Sith Lord knows how to do it's make a balanced breakfast! While the Jedi have to live off of Jawa juice and fried nerfsteak, the Dark Lord of the Sith prefers to have a reminder of his fiery Mustafar defeat at his breakfast table. Every morning he burns that moment into a slice of bread with the Darth Vader Toaster. This black, ominous kitchen appliance easily leaves the mark of Vader's helmet in every yummy piece of toast. Slather some Bantha butter on top, or make two pieces for an extra-Sithy BLT. Force power not required to operate toaster!

 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale: Save BIG!

The Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale at!

Just a quick reminder to everyone that the Black Friday sale is still going with 2 more days to save 25% on everything in the official catalog.

You also get a pretty cool bonus gift with your order. EVERY order gets a FREE Princess Leia  "Peek-a-Boo" floaty pen.  This cool pen features an image that transforms from fully clothed Leia, to everyone's favorite Leia outfit: the famous metal slave binki! Hubba hubba!

Hurry because the 25% savings and free pen offer are only good through 11/29/2010!

Shopping for a Star Wars fan and without a clue what to buy? Go to and scroll down to the Holiday Gift Guide for some great ideas on what to get the Star Wars fan on your shopping list!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Star Wars Glow in the Dark Hoodie: Hooded Sweatshirt

Star Wars Hoodie

Check out the killer new Star Wars Hoodie we found.  This black medium weight full zip hoodie is complete with a sweet glow in the dark Star Wars logo on the chest.  It's composed of 80% cotton and 20% polyester, features kangaroo pockets, and is available in sizes Small t

Star Wars Hoodie
Star Wars Hoodie
It's a hoodie. Yep. A black hoodie. That has the Star Wars logo on it. And it glows in the dark. The glow on this shirt is 100% pure Colo claw fish slime. We're not going to go into details about the harvesting, because we're dangerously close to having to talk about a creature who no longer exists in our retconned version. *going to happy place* This midweight black hoodie features a Star Wars logo which glows in the dark. 80% cotton / 20% polyester. Full zip with kangaroo-style pockets. Ribbed cuffs and waist.

Not digging this Star Wars hoodie at TG? Then check out some of these other awesome Star Wars hoodies I found on Amazon!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Classic Boba Fett Empire Strikes Back T-shirt

Classic Empire Boba Fett

Classic Empire Boba Fett

Check out the sweet Boba Fett Empire Strikes Back T-shirt new at ThinkGeek. This military green tee has a distressed print and soft fabric for a great vintage look and feel.

The Classic Empire Boba Fett T-shirt is available in Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large for $19.99. An extra dollar will buy you the XXL size. This would make a perfect affordable Star Wars gift for any Star Wars fan for the holidays.

Friday, November 5, 2010

The R2-D2 Peppermill: Freshly Ground Pepper from that Peppy Little Droid

Star Wars R2-D2 Peppermill

Here is a very cool Star War gift for the fine dining minded droid or culinary focused fanboy (or girl) in your life: The R2-D2 Peppermill!  Simply twist R2's head and he deposits freshly ground pepper onto your food! What a great item to add to your Star Wars Kitchen and collection. The best news? It retails for ONLY $19.99. Music to any Star Wars fans ears! Click through below to check out more info or to order yours.

Product Features
  • Pepper Grinder that Looks Like R2-D2  (DUH! Aren't you following along? ;) )
  • Twist R2's head and get freshly ground pepper instantly out of the bottom of everyone's favorite droid!
  • Tough to find officially licensed Star Wars collectible Imported from Japan
  •  Stands 4 -3/4" tall.
  • Sorry but the peppercorns are NOT Included!

Star Wars R2-D2 Peppermill

Star Wars R2-D2 Peppermill

Family Guy Trilogy Packaging Artwork: Light Side or Dark Side?

By now we all know that Fox's Family Guy will soon be releasing their third Star Wars parody -- titled: It's a Trap! on DVD and Blu-Ray.  Release is slated for December 21st, 2010. 

It's a Trap! will also be available in Star Wars Trilogy honoring triple pack which will include all three Family Guy Star Wars parodies in one package: Blue Harvest, Something Something Something Dark Side, and It's a Trap! 

That's probably old news to you as well. However we recently found out some of the packaging artwork for these triple packs has been released.  Fans will have a choice of choosing between Light Side and Dark Side packaging.
Thanks to for sharing this news.  To see their original blog post on and to get a peek at the triple pack Light Side and Dark Side packaging, CLICK HERE!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Star Wars Clearance Alert! Ventress and Grand Moff Tarkin Mighty Muggs for $2.98!!

So I noticed a few great Star Wars deals in the clearance section of  Most notably I saw some amazing deals on Star Wars Mighty Muggs. Do you need to add a brand new in the box Mighty Muggs Asajj Ventress or Grand Moff Tarkin to you Star Wars collection? How does the crazy low price of $2.98 sound?
Click below to jump straight to the item's page and grab these great deals before they are gone. (It looks like I already missed out on Captain Rex!) Ventress and Tarkin were still available at the time of this writing but with the holiday shopping season upon us, you'd better act fast! Another great deal alert brought to you by the Star Wars Gift Blog!

At ONLY $2.98 these will make amazing and affordable Star Wars gifts!

Star Wars MIGHTY MUGGS Asajj Ventress

Star Wars MIGHTY MUGGS Grand Moff Tarkin

I also noticed that the site has Star Wars Mighty Muggs available in bundles. Although these aren't currently on clearance, you can grab Star Wars Mighty Mugs in Waves 7, 8, and 9 right now!

Wave 7

Wave 8

Wave 9

Star Wars Nutcrackers: The Perfect Gift for the Star Wars NUT on Your Christmas Shopping List.

Check out these cool Star Wars collectibles I recently discovered: Star Wars Nutcrackers. That's right! Now it's no longer necessary to needlessly waste the power of the Force on removing the shell from your favorite tasty snack. Let these cool Star Wars Nutcrackers do it for you! These sweet Star Wars collectibles make the perfect Star Wars Christmas Gift or gift other holidays. Click the links or images below to check out more info about the Darth Vader or Yoda nutcracker and be sure to pick one up for your favorite Star Wars nut!
These nutcrackers are available in Yoda and Darth Vader in two different styles and sizes.

The smaller 10" Darth Vader and 7.5" Yoda retail for a surprisingly affordable $29.98!

In stark contrast the larger 10.5 inch Yoda and huge 18" tall Darth Vader Nutcracker from Steinbach command a steep price tag of $249.99. and $399.99 respectively.

10 inch Star Wars Darth Vader Nutcracker


7.5 inch Star Wars Yoda Nutcracker


10.5 inch Steinbach Star Wars Yoda Nutcracker


18.5 inch Steinbach Star Wars Darth Vader Nutcracker


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