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Friday, December 3, 2010

Star Wars Celebration 2010 Light Up T-Shirts

Awesome Light up T-shirts and Star Wars Celebration 2010 Exclusive Collectibles! 

This aren't just sweet because they are light up Star Wars T-shirts.  The cool factor is increased exponentially because these are straight from the 2010 Star Wars Celebration!  I wasn't lucky enough to attend (single dads from the Midwest don't have the funds or time) but if I did I can guarantee my son would have talked me into BOTH of these sweet light up Star Wars t-shirts.  ThinkGeek was cool enough to bring some of these exclusive collectibles back for guys like me.  Each shirt retails for $39.99.  At the time of this post each is available in sizes Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-Large.

Check out these awesome geek shirts below but don't window shop for too long.  Grab them now because they are available in limited left over quantities and once they are gone, they are gone for good!

 Darth Vader Light Up T-shirt 

Light Up Vader

This luxurious light up Darth Vader shirt lets you cosplay economy style!  It features a light-up chest box and belt boxes that blink with life.  Batteries are included so you can get your Sith Lord geek on instantly.  Don't worry, you can wash that grape jelly out because the electronic components are easily removable for washing!  Click the photo above to go get yours now!


 Darth Vader Vs. Luke  Light Up T-shirt

Light up Luke VS. Vader

How sweet would it be to have an epic battle for the ages blinking in bright lights on your chest? Super sweet you say?  Well now you can have Darth Vader and his Luke Skywalker permanently battling on this cool light up Star Wars T-shirt.  Straight from the 2010 Star Wars celebration, this shirt features a ton of father-son light blinking light saber madness. Click the photo above to go get yours before they disappear forever.

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