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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Star Wars Nutcrackers: The Perfect Gift for the Star Wars NUT on Your Christmas Shopping List.

Check out these cool Star Wars collectibles I recently discovered: Star Wars Nutcrackers. That's right! Now it's no longer necessary to needlessly waste the power of the Force on removing the shell from your favorite tasty snack. Let these cool Star Wars Nutcrackers do it for you! These sweet Star Wars collectibles make the perfect Star Wars Christmas Gift or gift other holidays. Click the links or images below to check out more info about the Darth Vader or Yoda nutcracker and be sure to pick one up for your favorite Star Wars nut!
These nutcrackers are available in Yoda and Darth Vader in two different styles and sizes.

The smaller 10" Darth Vader and 7.5" Yoda retail for a surprisingly affordable $29.98!

In stark contrast the larger 10.5 inch Yoda and huge 18" tall Darth Vader Nutcracker from Steinbach command a steep price tag of $249.99. and $399.99 respectively.

10 inch Star Wars Darth Vader Nutcracker


7.5 inch Star Wars Yoda Nutcracker


10.5 inch Steinbach Star Wars Yoda Nutcracker


18.5 inch Steinbach Star Wars Darth Vader Nutcracker


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