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Friday, November 5, 2010

Family Guy Trilogy Packaging Artwork: Light Side or Dark Side?

By now we all know that Fox's Family Guy will soon be releasing their third Star Wars parody -- titled: It's a Trap! on DVD and Blu-Ray.  Release is slated for December 21st, 2010. 

It's a Trap! will also be available in Star Wars Trilogy honoring triple pack which will include all three Family Guy Star Wars parodies in one package: Blue Harvest, Something Something Something Dark Side, and It's a Trap! 

That's probably old news to you as well. However we recently found out some of the packaging artwork for these triple packs has been released.  Fans will have a choice of choosing between Light Side and Dark Side packaging.
Thanks to for sharing this news.  To see their original blog post on and to get a peek at the triple pack Light Side and Dark Side packaging, CLICK HERE!

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