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Friday, January 7, 2011

Star Wars Neck Ties: When Formal Occasions Require you to be Slowly Force Choked all day!

So I recently had to shop for one of my least favorite form of clothing accessories. . . a neck tie.

I HATE wearing a tie. Unfortunately the galaxy sometimes throws jobs, events, occasions, and activities at us that necessitate the need to wear the stupid things! When shopping for a tie to add to my sparse collection of dreaded neckwear it dawned on me that I do not own a Star Wars tie. It also occurred to me that I've never even seen a Star Wars tie in the store. Of course I KNEW the Star Wars licensing franchise had churned out Star Wars neck ties SOMEWHERE, it was just a matter of where to look.

I decided to check one of my favorite places to shop online and sure enough, there were some pretty sweet Star Wars ties! Here are the ties I came across and the order in which I like them from most favorite to least.

All of the ties shown here retail for $38.50.  They are made of a high quality silky 100% polyester fabric.  These ties measure about 55" long, are about 4" wide at the widest point, and are available in virtually unlimited colors!

Stormtroopers - Art tie
Stormtroopers - Art by starwars
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Darth Vader tie
Darth Vader by starwars
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Jango Fett tie
Jango Fett by starwars
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Stormtroopers tie
Stormtroopers by starwars
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Tie Fighter tie
Tie Fighter by starwars
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