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Friday, December 3, 2010

Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

 I know what you are thinking...WTF is a Star Trek gift doing on the Star Wars gift blog. Before you lob off my hand with your lightsaber at least hear me out. First, I have to make a confession: I think this thing is awesome. No I'm NOT turning into a Trekkie. It's just I'm a simple man. I have a fondness for pizza and cool shiny metal things!

I thought I'd throw this up because I know there are some rare Star Wars AND Star Trek fans out there. Also many of us have friends and relatives who are Star Trek fans and the
Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter
would make the perfect gift!  It's available EXCLUSIVELY at ThinkGeek and retails for the low price of $24.99! Click the links or images here to grab yours!

When they make a Millennium Falcon or Death Star pizza cutter (FIRST!)I'll be all over it. Hopefully this post can help motivate someone to design an equally cool Star Wars pizza cutter. Actually I'm sure the Star Wars merchandising machine could churn out a MUCH cooler pizza cutter. I'll even help with some suggestions:
  • Lightsaber handle?
  • Death Star etched/engraved on the pizza cutter disc?
  • Lightsaber sound effects when you cut pizza?
    I'm happy to share these ideas, but not for FREE! I've advised my attorney to keep an eye out for Death Star pizza cutters or pizza cutters with lightsaber sound effects. =P

    Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

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